AVP Lutherie is focused on making heirloom quality instruments that can be passed from generation to generation. By combining a customer's ideas with Austin's expertise, AVP Lutherie is able to create an instrument that sounds and plays as beautifully as it looks.

AVP strives to not just build an instrument for each customer, but also a relationship. Austin communicates with every client throughout the entirety of the build. This communication gives the customer the opportunity to play an active role in the making of their instrument. 

At AVP Lutherie we believe that collaboration is key to exceeding customers expectations.

Every instrument that is built within the walls of the shop is unique to the customer that ordered it. AVP's guitars are not mass produced which allows us to focus on each piece as an individual. Every order that is placed is carefully crafted. All of the materials are hand selected and examined to ensure quality is maintained. 

Every build is made completely from raw materials through to a completed instrument  in the AVP shop.

AVP Lutherie utilizes hand tools and old world techniques in conjunction with modern innovative processes.  By combining precision with innovative designs, AVP Lutherie is able to offer hand crafted instruments that remain relevant in an ever changing market. 

Blending old world techniques with modern innovation.